ALEX LYNN | Songwriter | Performer | Teacher |
Songs, Performance and Teaching by Alex Lynn.
I am a songwriter, performer and music teacher. Welcome to my website. Here you will find some of my music, information about teaching and news about forthcoming gigs.
My music is bluesy and bouncy. I craft my songs with great care and I aim to make you smile, tap your feet and listen to a good story – in that order. My influences are many and varied, so why not have a listen?

I can play many styles of guitar, especially fingerstyle. I do pretty well with an acoustic guitar and I specialise in playing chords, rhythm and a tune all at the same time. I’m available to play on your musical project, or to teach you the guitar, bass or ukulele.

You'll often find me playing cover songs. I like to play classic numbers from the last 100 years of popular music. I play them my own way but you'll always be able to sing along.

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