ALEX LYNN | Songwriter | Performer | Teacher |
Here is some of my music. These are all demo recordings I’ve made over the years, starting with my most recent solo acoustic songs. I'm in the process of recording lots of new stuff and the songs will appear here as I finish them.
There are also some old versions of my songs, including some solo acoustic guitar instrumentals, and a couple of old curiosities. You’ll find a description of each song below the player. I wrote and arranged all the music, and I played all the instruments, unless otherwise stated.

There are a few songs here. Scroll down on the player to get to all of them.


About the Songs

Just me and my guitar singing a bluesy little number. This is the first of a collection of solo recordings that I've been making.

The Blues Had Me
A slightly fuller sound with some overdubs.

Hole in the Head
A slightly rockier one. I didn’t play the drums.

This is a demo I recorded many moons ago with an old band. My sister Charly helps out on vocals, with Dazza on bass and Tom on electric piano.

The Difficult Conversation
I never intended to have a career as a classical composer, but that was the basis of most of my study at university. I was fortunate to have a few projects where my student compositions were performed by top professionals. This is one that I am particularly proud of. It  is a miniature violin sonata.